Here is my theory on Tommy and the whole shows overall plot.. I think his blood is the key to immortality, or at least the not aging part See whether he was born immortal(possibly his kind goes back to ancient greek, as Dr. Bearaguard pointed out with his blood) or possibly injected with some formula(possibly as a test subject when he was in that Korean war with Paxton Petty) is irrelevant. But overall I think the keys are to the warden because he has equipment he stored up for his plan. and possibly rooms to inmates because I think he took the inmates and his overall plan was to use tommys blood to prevent them from aging and keeping them healthy and take them away and one day release them into society to take over and cause such a panic, it would lead to a prisoners apocalypse where due to no political or social order, the Warden would use his dirty tricks to get high in the ranks and become the world president and paid enough prisoners and guards to guard his life he couldnt even be touched, he possibly may have taken tommys blood as well and is immortal. I also think Dr. Beauraguard is a double agent and is working for the warden but is working with Hauser to gain information and knows the key to saving Lucy but isnt cooperating. Overall he took the inmates away and conspired with most of the guards except for EB Tiller and Emerson Hauser, and why they also aged whereas no one else has yet. But he took them away, and possibly cryogenically froze them and at a random point in time or possibly something happened that made the prisoners freed and then his plan is taken into action. Now I know many possibly all of you might find this stupid, but I thought of this idea the second I saw this show and its my best theory so far, so Im interested to here what you guys have. Feel free to comment

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