What do you guys think of the true fate of rebecca? Do you think alcatraz really killed her off or do you think she will come back? My theory is maybe her blood can bring her back, but then you would think it wouldve brought back other relatives that came since Tommy. Unless her parents are really alive and came back from the dead. Maybe when Tommy stabbed her with the knife, it was silver and possibly activated the Madsen blood in her and some lazarus effect and she will come back? Or maybe there is some technology Warden, Transfusion man, Tommy and Harlan all know of that can bring someone back from the dead. Or they might even do some crazy twist and she come back to life after being "dead" or be stuck in a coma and they would use Webb Porters blood to bring her back like they did Lucy. Those are just a couple of theories but what do you think? Do you really think they would kill off their main character just like that or will we see her again in present day if a season 2 gets picked up?

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