The entertainment news website ComingSoon.Net received a metal box, containing several items related to Alcatraz's mythology:

  • A postcard from Alcatraz Prison by Susie, informing her grandmother of an encounter she had with a man sleeping in one of the cells.
  • Pages 85 and 86 from Diego Soto's Inmates of Alcatraz, depicting the mugshots of Jack Sylvane and Ernest Cobb.
  • An old key with the word "ALCATRAZ" carved on it, a flower, and a pin.
  • A newspaper clipping from March 22, 1963, detailing the sudden close, including a statement from Edwin James.
  • A pamphlet titled "Discover Alcatraz: A Tour of The Rock."
  • A review by Nancy Gleinen of Soto's Inmates of Alcatraz.

In addition, several letters were circled in Gleinen's review, which together spelled "Legends of Alcatraz." The url leads to a countdown on Fox's official Alcatraz website, announcing "Watch the show, then join the adventure here."

Seems like our adventure has just begun.

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