Season 1: Episodes

  • Pilot / Ernest Cobb

Jack Sylvane and Ernest Cobb

  • Kit Nelson

Kit-Carson Nelson

  • Cal Sweeney

Calvin Sweeney

  • Guy Hastings

Guy Hastings

  • Paxton Petty

Paxton Petty

  • Johnny McKee

Johnny McKee

Michael Cullen

  • The Ames Brothers

Edward Ames

Herman Ames

Officer Donovan

  • Sonny Burnett

Sonny Burnett

  • Clarence Montgomery

Emmitt Little

Clarence Montgomery

  • Webb Porter

Webb Porter

  • Garrett Stillman

Garrett Stillman

Harlan Simmons

Joseph Limmerick

  • Tommy Madsen

Thomas Madsen

Episode name inmate(s) #
Pilot / Ernest Cobb Jack Sylvane / Ernest Cobb 2024 / 2047

Season 2: Episodes

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