Alcatraz -- Season 1
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"Garrett Stillman"

March 19, 2012
Running time
Production code
Directed by
Bart Anderson - Warren
Matthew Carhill - New Crew Member #1
Lilli Clarke - EMT
Alex Dafoe - Felix the Forger
Fred Henderson - Bynum Executive
Thomas Jones - Sam the Steward
Keith MacKechnie - Robert Cline
Craig March - Martin (Security Guard)
Dean Monroe MacKenzie - Jeffries
Lee Tichon - Bank Security Guard
James Tyce - Laptop Guy
Jorgito Vargass Jr. - John 'Pick Pocket'
Denton E.J. Winn - Stillman's Crew Third Man

"Garrett Stillman" is the twelfth episode of season 1, and overall the twelfth produced hour of Alcatraz. It originally aired on March 26, 2012.


Doc and Rebecca close in on a man who may be the key to revealing the secrets behind all the returning criminals. Meanwhile, Hauser makes a discovery beneath the halls of Alcatraz that reveals more of the truth. 


  • Garret Stillman was a former SAS agent
  • Lost glimpses - the van Garret Stillman stole has the numbers 4 8 15 16.
4 8 15 16

Remember remember, lost numbers forever.

Production NotesEdit


Recurring themesEdit

Cultural referencesEdit

Literary techniquesEdit

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