Agatha Madsen
Full Name
Agatha Madsen
First Appearance
"Ernest Cobb" (Mention)
Date of Death
San Francisco, CA, USA
Thomas Madsen - Husband
Van Madsen - Son
William Madsen - Father-in-law
Laura Madsen - Mother-in-law
Ray Archer - Brother-in-law
Rebecca Madsen - Granddaughter

Agatha Madsen was Tommy Madsen's wife.



Agatha Madsen attended the same high school as her future husband. The two high school sweethearts married before Madsen's departure to Korea, where he served between 1952-1953. In 1954, Agatha gave birth to their son, Van. ("Ernest Cobb")

Three years later, for an unknown reason, Tommy murdered Agatha, and was sent to Alcatraz in 1957. ("Ernest Cobb")

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

In Tommy Madsen, Tommy claims to have met his wife in an Italian restaurant where she was waitressing. Is that during or after their high school years?

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